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What if I told you...

that sleep is essential

for your whole family,

not just your kids?

But let’s face it.. how can you get sleep when your kids aren’t

sleeping? That's where I come in! I can help you navigate your

child’s sleep so you can also get the rest you need!

Hello! I’m Whitney

Veteran mom-zombie over here, who was rotating around in her bed, nursing her twins to and back to sleep the ENTIRE night, and pushing a double stroller around my neighborhood, twice a
day for HOURS at a time, while fighting to keep my eyes open. But you know what? I got the help and advice my family so desperately needed, and I’ve lived to tell the tale! That experience alone drove me to educate myself more on sleep and child development - and I knew, from that point forward, I needed to provide the same support for families who need it most!

Since then, I have become:

  • a Certified Sleep Consultant from The Cradle Coach Academy

  • a Certified Happiest Baby® Educator, Dr. Harvey Karp

  • a proud business owner, launching
    You Sleep We Sleep in 2021

and the icing on the cake - I have helped so many families all over the world get the rest they need!


I can help you with sleep

solutions that include


Creating a

consistent routine

and schedule


Implementing a gentle technique to help your child sleep.


Combating night wakings and early morning wakes


Kind words from

rested parents


Bailey, mom of Elliot
(15 months)

My Husband is over here laughing with me thinking this really wasn’t that bad and we don’t know what we were so scared of!


Jenna, mom to Sloane
(14 months)

When I had reached out to Whitney. We were all so sleep deprived. A few nights on our personalized plan, Sloane is in her own crib for twelve hours! 6:45-6:45! We are beyond grateful for Whitney and her continued support.


Brittany and Matt,
parents to Siena (16 months)

With Whitney's guidance and support we had our daughter transitioned to her crib, sleeping through the night and having consistent naps. As a nurse returning to work, Whitney helped restore sanity into our lives with a predictable routine and the sleep that we all so desperately needed. We are eternally grateful!

are you TIRED, but have no idea where to start?

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