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Lazy Morning

If the above picture pretty much sums up how you feel every morning, then it's probably the perfect time for you to start the sleep coaching process! But how do you know if sleep coaching is right for you? Well....let me ask you this :


Is bedtime an all-out battlefield?


Is your little one dependent on you to fall asleep?


Does is take hours for you to put the kids to bed?


Are you nursing every hour on the dot throughout the night?


Does your little one only take 30 minute naps at a time?


Is your child constantly over-tired?


Are mom and dad getting less than 5 hours of sleep every night?


Are you in a zombie-like state with your family throughout the day?


The internet told you to try 'Ferber' or 'Exctinction' but you are absolutely terrified?


if you've checked of even just one of the above, then I KNOW there is a way I can help your family! But what does sleep coaching exactly entail?

Sleep coaching at it's core is helping parents teach their little ones to fall asleep independently through the process of "sleep training". Now, this does not simply mean shutting the door until your child passes of from exhaustion - although this may work for some families, it's not what MY process is about. By thoroughly examining your child's day, habits and routine, I will pinpoint any underlying issues and give advice on how to help your child fall asleep with a technique that aligns with your parenting style and values.

This is what the YSWS Coaching process will look like :

  • first, we need to book a 15 minute consultation and discuss your family's current sleep situation and your little one's needs

  • after both parties (consultant and family) are aligned on goals, one of my packages can be purchased, based on the level of support your family needs

  • after your family submits a signed contract, in-take form and 3 day log of your little one's sleep, I will create a custom plan based on the information provided by you

  • this plan will give you a step-by-step process of how your family can reach your sleep goals - and if you choose to purchase extended coaching (1 week or 2), I will be there with you (virtually) every step of the way

  • with time, and consistency, you will reach those goals and EVERYONE is your family will be getting a good nights' sleep in no time

Sound like something you are ready for? Have a look here at my current packages!

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